Galina Filatova. Calendar 2011 “Harmony”. October.


Galina Filatova. Calendar 2011 “Harmony”. October.October – a month of full of contrasting feelings: difficult, but at the same time presenting new opportunities; filled with tumultuous emotions and anxiety, and at the same time with the soft empathetic energies of angels. Many people may experience a sense of conclusion of a phase of their life, a sense of opulence, and a materialization of the Soul’s goals. For this reason, this month may be emotionally challenging. As always, when achieving success in something important to us, we feel joy, fulfillment, confidence, and strength. However, the more difficult was our journey to this success and the more we were invested in the process, the harder it is to see the end of that journey because it feels like we are leaving a part of ourselves behind. It is possible to experience a sense of emptiness, of a dead-end and sudden fatigue. On the level of the Soul, such achievements feel even more bright and intense. With the added changes that our planet is undergoing at the same time, these feelings are amplified, reaching a climactic point.

            In October we will witness the purification and transition of Earth to the next, deeper phase of transformation, which will start in November. Stormy waters and the fiery core of the Earth both play a role in the Earth’s transformation and remind us that it too is experiencing the process of letting go and rebirth. Waves of energy, cleansing and fulfilling at the same time, captivate us with their beauty, strength, harmony, and total connection to the Universe.

            How will we react to these anxieties and difficult events in our lives? Will we let our mind and ego hold us back on the platform of the 3rd dimension, where stability and control, judgment and fear, are the main rules of the game? Through this conclusion, will we be able to see and accept a new beginning? We are everything! We are all multifaceted and are finally starting to realize this. Everything is our choice.

            The Angels of Light, as always during a difficult time, will be near us, ready to lend everyone who asks a helping hand and offer their support on this New Path, which will be filled with light, love, and meaning.

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